Former investors avoid new Steve Case venture

You may remember Steve Case from your spam-filled AOL inbox and your junk-CD-filled postal mailbox. The former CEO of AOL and now the head of the Revolution Health, a flailing healthcare startup, is giving it another go. His latest venture? launched Revolution Money, a nontraditional credit card combined with a PayPal… » 9/26/07 10:39am 9/26/07 10:39am

Second Life's extremely virtual success story

The troubled online universe isn't dead yet, claims the gullible Hollywood Reporter. The Tinseltown trade, spun like a top by Second Life creator Linden Lab's denial campaign, reports on a marketing "success" story. Brand agency This Second Marketing employed virtual street teams in Second Life to promote the 3D Imax… » 8/03/07 5:51pm 8/03/07 5:51pm

Three years later, Flickr gets around to video

Promises, promises. Flickr cofounders Caterina Fake and Stewart Butterfield, we hear, are finally introducing video to the photo-sharing site they sold to Yahoo in 2005. But they've taken their sweet time. First Fake told Engadget back in 2004 that she wanted the site to introduce "short-form video." Then she told… » 8/03/07 12:06pm 8/03/07 12:06pm

Time Inc. wants people who love

The world's largest magazine publisher wasn't kidding about pushing its way onto the Web — even if it had to axe nearly 300 jobs to do it. In fact, Time Inc. has gone almost as crazy for social networks as the venture capitalists on Sand Hill Road. Sports Illustrated's social component,, which Time Inc.… » 8/02/07 9:36pm 8/02/07 9:36pm

Google tells hacked Gmail users to wait it out

A growing number of Gmail users are reporting problems with hacked accounts. Password hacking, of course, isn't a new threat. And users ought to be cautious with login information. But what's making users of Google's email system especially frustrated is the company's molasses-slow, user-unfriendly support after their… » 8/02/07 4:22pm 8/02/07 4:22pm