Former investors avoid new Steve Case venture

You may remember Steve Case from your spam-filled AOL inbox and your junk-CD-filled postal mailbox. The former CEO of AOL and now the head of the Revolution Health, a flailing healthcare startup, is giving it another go. His latest venture? launched Revolution Money, a nontraditional credit card combined with a PayPal… » 9/26/07 10:39am 9/26/07 10:39am

Google tells hacked Gmail users to wait it out

A growing number of Gmail users are reporting problems with hacked accounts. Password hacking, of course, isn't a new threat. And users ought to be cautious with login information. But what's making users of Google's email system especially frustrated is the company's molasses-slow, user-unfriendly support after their… » 8/02/07 4:22pm 8/02/07 4:22pm